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A Big (but Fun?) Tower o' Condos & Hotel for Wynwood

The twelve story mixed-use tower of condos and hotel units in Wynwood which it was earlier reported that the Board of Planning & Zoning wasn't a fan of (for some reason) has gotten approval for rezoning, and the whole project should be completed by September of 2016. As far as we know, it doesn't have a name yet. The landscape architect is Raymond Jungles, the architect of record is ADD Inc., and most importantly the design architect is Studio Dror, notably the firm that proposed the winning design for DawnTown's Bayfront Park design competition. Yes, it was a building shaped like a water ski jump.

The 350,000 square foot project will include ground floor retail, 77 hotel rooms, and 165 residential units. "The project's overall design concept reflects Wynwood's character - an industrial, artistic aesthetic with concrete, untreated wood/lumber and exposed infrastructure. The amenities throughout the building will include social spaces for events and will allow for fluid living spaces for social interactions." says the P.R. team for ADD Inc. It will also, yes, be the tallest thing for blocks in every direction, but won't really be out of scale for the corridor, considering there are taller towers both north and south alone North Miami Avenue, including Midtown, Cynergi, etc.
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