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As New House Rises, Hochsteins Still Haven't Unloaded Old One

Canceled reality show 'power' couple Lisa and Lenny Hochstein still haven't sold their Sunset Island 1 house called 'Palacio del Eden', which received a price reduction to $10.9 million back in December of 2013. The house, which is just the absolute epitome of good taste (that's called sarcasm) has flopped on and off the market for years, ranging in price between $10 million and $14 million, but now that construction is well on its way at their controversial new house (oy, remember the drama with THAT thing?) they'll probably get a little more serious about selling the 'Palacio' in the near future. Another price reduction would not be surprising.
· 1647 N. View Drive Miami Beach [Redfin]
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