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Grove At Grand Bay Reaches 7th Floor, Begins To Twist

It's been a while since we last checked on the construction of starchitect Bjarke Ingels' Grove At Grand Bay, but since then the twin twisty towers in Coconut Grove have made significant progress in their dance towards the skies. The first three photos (above, courtesy of Facchina Construction and Smith Aerial Photos) are a few weeks old, while the last two were taken in the past few days. The north tower's floor slabs have been poured up to the fifth floor, while the core has reached the seventh, while the south tower's slabs have reached the fourth floor, and the core the sixth.

Meanwhile as for Bjarke's other South Florida projects, the Miami Beach Convention Center was a big loss for him (and subsequently Rem too), and despite repeatedly asking around we haven't heard a thing about Marina Lofts in months and months. Come on Miami, you need more Bjarke.

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Grove At Grand Bay

2669 S. Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida