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UPDATE: Keith Hobbs Does the Interiors for Paraiso Bay

UPDATE: Oh god, this Paraiso place is confusing. These renderings are the interiors of Paraiso Bay (not Bayviews), which is breaking ground tomorrow, and they are by interior designer Keith Hobbs. This is not a radical new look for Karim Rashid. Poop. We look forward to seeing what Mr. Rashid is doing at Paraiso Bayviews in the future. More are after the jump. >>

Holy crap, the master of bubble gum, Karim Rashid, is all grown up, and doing some fantastically classy interiors for the Related Group's latest commission of his at Paraiso Bayviews...the fourth tower and so far the furthest from the water at their Paraiso Bay megaproject (yes, the name 'Bayviews' is slightly ironic, but it will be able to look at the bay, over the building next door). They sent over these renderings of the new tower's interiors, with a styling that retains his classic pops of fun here and there, but in a fantastically more polished, detailed, and, yes, elegant way. Just compare it to his technicolor candyland down in Brickell. The project officially launches tomorrow, a mere hour after the groundbreaking of the first Paraiso Bay tower.

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