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One Designer Creates Icy Interiors for a Unit at Zaha's One Thousand Museum

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Has the lady of curvy cold steel, Zaha Hadid, met her match in the deep freeze department, with Alfred Karram Jr., an architectural interior designer hired to do up the interiors of one of the units in her Miami tower, One Thousand Museum? With interiors that look straight out of the antarctic, Mr. Karam makes Zaha look warm and fuzzy by comparison. "Inspired by Hadid's groundbreaking approach to the property's façade, Karram chose to echo the sleek geometry with curvy custom furnishings and agile interior architecture in subtle shades of white, gray and charcoal." according to the P.R. pitch. The client, however, is not someone from the tundra, but a Middle Eastern buyer, which does seem rather appropriate in its own way.

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One Thousand Museum

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida