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Hyde Midtown, Between 2 & 4 Midtown, Reveals Renderings

The Related Group & Dezer Development have released renderings of their Hyde Midtown project (because just calling it 3 Midtown, between the current 2 Midtown and 4 Midtown would have been a little too straightforward) which just completed construction of its sales center on the building's future site.

The building itself, designed by Arquitectonica, will apparently be about the same height as its two neighbors, but unlike 2 and 4 Midtown will be situated on the east side of the garage+amenity podium, giving the pool a nice view of Midtown itself, and that beautiful green space that's destined to be developed on. Then, to solve the obviously huge problem of having a pool cast in shadow for a part of the day, another pool will be located on the roof.

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Hyde Midtown Suites & Residences

3400 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33137