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Seeking Nominations For Miami's Best Parks, Beaches, & More!

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Curbed Miami's first-ever Outdoors Week is right around the corner! In just one week, we'll be coming at you with coverage of Miami's great outdoors. We'll be exploring Miami's most under-appreciated parks, best beaches and other swimming spots, and best dog parks. Of course, your help here is essential.

Are you and your canine friend especially obsessed with a particular dog park? Nominate your favorite spot for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why you and your dog love it. Send all photos and dog-friendly spot endorsements to, or leave a comment.

Next up: What are Miami's most epic parks that don't nearly get enough attention? This is not the time to talk up Bayfront Park or even Museum Park. Instead, this is a chance to throw a spotlight on a great park that most city dwellers don't know about.

And finally: We want you to share what you believe is Miami's best public swimming spot. Does it have a stellar view? Show us! Does it offer up the best people watching? We want to hear about it! Again, all nominations and photos to This will be fun.