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The 10 Oldest Houses on the Market in South Florida Now

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And now, we present the ten oldest houses on the market in South Florida right now, from Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

UPDATE: The Charles Graham House, built in 1907, is the actual oldest residential listing on the market in South Florida right now.

Built in 1910, the oldest listing currently on the market in South Florida is 6 NE 89th Street, El Portal, coming in at $685,000. The listing claims the fully-restored property is "rich in American musical history" which sounds fascinating. The house was also featured in the latest issue of the Biscayne Times, which reports it could be even older! Over its long history, the house has been a hospital, a rooming house (twice), and was moved about a block and a half to its current location when El Portal was developed.

The photos may be absolutely non-descriptive, but the second oldest house now on the market is a "charming 4 bed 3 bath house over 2000 square feet built in 1911" listed for $635,000. We'll just have to take their word for it. Plus it comes with a 'modern' 2 unit duplex in the back. You know, as a bonus.

Built in 1914, this seriously old school Coconut Grove cottage at 3714 Matheson Avenue is listed for $925,000. We can just picture the ghost of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas haunting that very porch.

It was built in 1915, but the listing for 842 NW 1st Street in Miami explicitly says "sold for land value", and apparently that land value is about $750,000, as per the list price. The house itself isn't exactly a poster child for historic preservation.

3838 N. Bayshore Drive was built in 1915 and is on the market for $1,595,000. Isn't it darling?

828 4th Street, Miami Beach is on the market for $1.25 million and was built in 1918. Yep, a single-family house in the thick of South-Of-Fifth.

3782 Matheson Avenue, Coconut Grove is on the market for $2.8 million and was built in 1919.

Built in 1920, this little Mediterranean Revival in Wynwood needs bueno work. But it's still listed for $749,500, probably because of the location and the development potential. Condo tower anyone?

Built in 1920, 224 SW 38 Court in Coral Gables has been totally redone, with new everything (kind of ironic for an old house, but hey, give the people what they want, right?) and yet it still has absolutely dreadful listing photos. Not only do you see zilch of the exterior or the house's historic qualities, the all-new interior looks downright dreary. Oh, and it's listed for $599,000.

Ending this list on a very cute note, we have 1100 N. Olive Avenue in West Palm Beach, which is on the market for $859,000. Built in 1921, the house is a modest 1,900 square feet but comes with lots of cute features, like wood floors, a formal dining room, a back building with garage apartment, Mediterranean barrel tile roof, etc. Plus it's a block and a half from beautiful Lake Worth.

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