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The Dutch Are Building A Floating Suburb In Maule Lake

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When a Dutch company 'Dutch Docklands' announced their plans to build a floating luxury development in South Florida, that pie-in-the-sky idea didn't seem like it had too much of a chance of actually happening. Well, folks, it is, mostly. Instead of Biscayne Bay proper, the development, dubbed Amillarah Private Islands, is going in Maule Lake, a former limestone rock quarry just to the north of Biscayne Bay, and connected to it via the Intracoastal Waterway.

Maule Lake has a number of advantages over Biscayne Bay, including its depth, which means there won't be a lot of sensitive undersea life to deal with, like there is in the shallower bay. It's also privately owned. The development entails 29 floating island villas, with swimming pools, yards, boat dockage, rooftop terraces, and even private beaches. A final island will contain communal amenities, like a club house for example.
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