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ADD Inc. Updates its Design for Midcentury INS Building Reno

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ADD Inc. has updated and expanded the scope of its design for the renovation ('restoration' would be too far of a stretch here) of the midcentury modern INS Building on Biscayne Boulevard and 79th Street, as well as the land behind it. The developers, an LLC, will then call it the Triton Center. Believe it or not, before the Immigration and Naturalization Service bought the building and covered up many of its architectural details (a very glassy lobby, a news ticker around the top), the place was quite fetching. (An historic photo exists in a book called 'Miami Modern Metropolis' edited by Allan Shulman. It was called the Gulf American Building. If anyone has a digital copy of that image, please send it the tip line).

According to the architects:

The new 722,000 square feet residential, mixed-use development named Triton Center will include 317 condo units, 135 key hotel rooms, a rooftop restaurant, 24,000 square feet of ground-level retail and 587 parking spaces. Originally built in the 1960s as the Gulf American, the building was recognized as a vanguard, mid-century modern tower with distinctive anodized aluminum sunscreens and tall transparent glass curtain walls spilling out to the street at its base. INS moved into the building in 1983 and vacated in 2008.

ADD Inc will continue the building's vanguard spirit, integrating white stucco and metal panels highlighted with bright Miami accent colors and glass curtain walls. A pedestrian passage within a city plaza-like environment between the condominium and hotel complexes will be added. Each building will have its own pool and fitness center and the hotel will feature a12th story rooftop restaurant with views of Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami and the Gold Coast to the north. Lush landscape and shading trees will surround street level retail and food outlets. The project will be LEED Silver certified.

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