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Arquitectonica Replaces Koolhaas at Beach Convention Center

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Last week, exMiami dropped a bit of news that seems so weird, so face-palm, so oof!, so "oh, lordy what have we done." that we were tempted to wait for an official announcement. Arquitectonica, yes the Arquitectonica, the firm that gave the Miami Beach Convention Center its current PoMo look, (they also designed a master plan for the whole site some time ago, which was scraped) will be the "exterior architects" for the new convention center too. Miami Beach has now fired Rem Koolhaas, and replaced him with Arquitectonica. Literally.

In good news, it looks like the idea of turning the P-Lot, that big parking lot to the west of the convention center, into a park is gaining traction. It was already planned as a park in the Koolhaas designs, so it's good that that might still be happening.
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Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139