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Herzog & de Meuron's Jade Signature Penthouse Wants $29M

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Construction progresses on Herzog & de Meuron's 57 story Jade Signature condo tower in Sunny Isles Beach, where site work began last year. And, although 80% of the units are reportedly under contract, the penthouse itself, comprising floor 56 and portions of 57, is still available for $29 million. The upper level of the unit consists of two separate end pieces, at the north and south of the building, which are reached by separate sets of stairs. The southern wing also has a private elevator, even though that wing is entirely within the confines of the most unbelievably massive master suite.

Other lavish/interesting/unusual elements of the 11,661 square foot penthouse are an additional 7,571 square feet of exterior space, a bar that connects directly to the 'playroom', two studies, a library, master baths on both levels of the two-level master suite wing, a mini pool on the balcony instead of a 'real' pool on the roof, lots of bedrooms, like five or six living/family/sitting rooms, an outdoor kitchen, sauna/and steam rooms, a master lounge, etc.

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Jade Signature

16901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida