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Save or Scrap this Gables Estates Colonial, for $6.5 Million?

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Let's be brutally honest here. Today whoever buys this $6.5 million colonial estate house built in 1965 in Gables Estates, when it would have been considered large and luxurious, will likely be someone who wants to tear it down and build something three times as large. And that's kind of sad. The 5,251 square foot house has six full baths, and the listing doesn't say how many bedrooms. It's pretty, with wood floors, architectural details, and large rooms. On the other hand, some of the neoclassical proportions are a tad bit off, it was built in the 60s, but is lacking 60s swagger, and is on a deliciously large lot. The 50,000 square foot lot has 200 feet of water frontage that leads directly to Biscayne Bay. Save or scrap? You decide, in the comments.

· 8815 Arvida Drive, Coral Gables, FL [Redfin]