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Tommy Hilfiger's $80M PH; Brooklyn Bridge Park's Housing RFP

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Have a big apple, with Curbed NY...

1) Midtown: Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger's Plaza Hotel penthouse is on the market for a stunning $80 million. Equally stunning are the views the listing provides into the expansive home.

2) Nolita: In 1966, artist Jay Maisel purchased a rundown 37,000-square-foot former bank on the corner of Bowery and Spring Street to act as a home, studio, and gallery. The ginormous building that Maisel picked up for a meager $102,000 is today worth some $50 million, and it may be on the market.

3) Brooklyn Bridge Park: There's been a contentious plan to bring even more housing to the beloved East River-hugging park. An RFP for the proposed building's design turned back 14 proposals which can be gleaned here.

4) Midtown: The Museum of Modern Art is overtaking the neighboring American Folk Art Museum, a similarly important architectural space, in an unprecedented expansion. Here, a brief comic explaining and exercising the decision.
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