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When Robin Williams did South Beach, in The Birdcage

"Something starts in your pelvis but works its way towards your heart and becomes heart/pelvis."

Robin Williams spoke those immortal words, among many others, in one of his classic films, a remake of the French Le Cage au Follies into The Birdcage, a film about a bunch of flamboyant queens in South Beach trying to play it straight to impress some right wing nut job Senator who happens to be the father of the bride. Yes, the stereotypes about homosexuality and about South Beach ring out loud and clear, but with the talents of Robin Williams and Nathan Lane doing it up, all that stuff is still somehow knee-grippingly funny. Williams died this week, far too young, for an absolutely horrible reason, but let's remember him for the laughs, and for showing the world how great South Beach was, in all of its campy, lovely glory. Do check out a collection of clips from the movie, after the jump. It's Robin Williams Gold, baby.

"You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse. You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham."

"I hurt my thing."

"Damnit! Fuck the shrimp!"

"You look like Lucy's stunt double."

"How about those Dolphins?"

"Do you really think I look good?"

South Beach's Carlyle Hotel stood in for the Ocean Drive building in which Armand's nightclub is located, and in which Armand, Albert, and Val live, in a sensational rooftop penthouse.

"What the hell are Pirin tablets?"