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This Was Biscayne Blvd's Gulf American Building in its Prime

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The former INS Building on Biscayne Boulevard and 79th Street just looks like a big ol' beige block of ugly, with weird gold shit stuck to the sides, but the building—which is being transformed into the Triton Center by architecture firm ADD Inc.—wasn't always that way. At one time it was quite a classy edifice. Curbed reader and frequent Flickr Pool contributor Phillip Pessar sends along this historic image (click for big!) of the INS Building in its prime, when it was the Gulf American Building.

Believe it or not, most of these historic details, including news ticker, glassy lobby, and all, probably still exist, covered over by little more than plywood and drywall. Finally, those gold screens covering the windows are actually quite beautiful brise-soleil. They essentially cooled the interior of the building, before thermal window tinting was invented.

[Photo via Phillp Pessar]

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