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Icon Bay's Park is Kinda Like a Triumphal Entry to Edgewater

Now that the Related Group's Icon Bay topped off construction, and the art to go in its public sculpture garden/park has even been picked out, the end result of this whole tower-on-piloti-above-waterfront-park situation is beginning to come together.

Good news is, you will be able to see the bay through the building after all (photos, submitted by anonymous, above and after the jump), if you're looking at it from the street. Of course the blue sky above the bay is gone when seen from the street, but there's something undoubtedly triumphal about that big hole connecting the street with the bay. It kind of feels like a really grand boat entrance to Edgewater.

And, although part of the park is most definitely under the building, frankly, the part that isn't does look kinda roomy. Of course some of that will be the amenity deck. And, it is kinda pretty. But will the completed park really look public, or will it look like (and thus be) an extension of the amenity deck? We're conflicted. Curbed's love/hate relationship with Icon Bay continues.

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Icon Bay

460 NE 28th St., Miami, FL