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Gulfstream Park's Giant Bronze Pegasus is Coming Together

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Gulfstream Park's 110 foot tall pegasus-squashing-a-dragon statue, which Curbed at first mocked rather mercilessly, and yet is slowly growing to love as a giant piece of Florida kitsch, is being put together, with the head of the pegasus and one of its wings being added first. A dragon wing awaits below. South Florida Business Journal has a gallery of the construction, a few photos of which we've reposted here. If the end result wasn't going to a supernatural animal fight on the side of US-1, the whole thing would appear by now to be quite classy, because it's in bronze. But class be damned! This is Florida kitsch at its finest. Plus, the pegasus' wing and head also appear to be nicely detailed.
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Gulfstream Park

901 S Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Florida