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Comment of the day

"Quiet zones don't address the real problem, which is that the increased use of the FEC tracks will be fatal to boat traffic along the New River. Notwithstanding the fact that boat owners who live along the new river will be getting screwed, the larger issue is the economic impact to the yachting industry.

Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest marine facility in the US, and services a significant number of high end luxury yachts. If those yachts can't get to/from the marina because the FEC bridge over the New River is constantly down, I can assure those yachts will absolutely find someplace else to go. Safety standards require that the New River rail bridge must be down several minutes before the train arrives (due to how long it takes the train to stop in the event of an emergency.) The plainly obvious, logical, and unfortunately rather expensive solution (estimated cost $500mm) is to build an elevated rail bridge over the New River. An elevated rail bridge over the new river allows AAF and FEC (and eventually tri-rail coastal link) to run as many freight and passenger trains as they want without destroying the yachting industry in Fort Lauderdale."—anon [Quiet Please]