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Comment of the day

"Boaters complaining about drawbridges in Fort Lauderdale is the pot calling the kettle black.'Fatal to boat traffic?' Please. If cars can wait for the intracoastal drawbridges twice an hour, then boats can too. Passenger trains will require much briefer bridge closings than current freight trains, and the 3rd Ave & 7th Ave bridges open on demand."

Most of the larger boats are just making ferry moves to or from the marinas, anyway. So a few of those moves will take 10 minutes longer. No marinas will close. That's just silly.
Now... grade crossings, that might be another story. No matter how safe and quiet they make them, 200 urban crossings x 32 trains a day at 80mph means there will be a lot of opportunities for people to do stupid things. And I have faith that they will."—bobk [Quiet Please]