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Mashta Island Polynesian Possibly by Parker is $12.8 Million

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The brokerbabble on this exotic Polynesian escape, listed for $12.8 Million, with its extensive use of Guyana Greenheart wood, high ceilings, louvered doors, and 150 feet of water frontage, says it's perfect for an 'estate developer' because of its generous 1 acre lot size. Any estate developer that touches this house though, which we're taking an educated guess was designed by the great Alfred Browning Parker, should be filleted alive and fed to the fishes out back. On Key Biscayne's hidden-away Mashta Island, the 4,678 square foot house includes a pool house and boat house/office, and a 40 foot dock jetting out into the protected harbor.

· 511 N Mashta Drive [Redfin]