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What $900/Month Per Person Rents Near UM

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Miami neighborhoods. With the start of the new semester just around the corner, we're doing a special University of Miami edition. This week's price: $900 per person.

↑It's mildly surprising that a frat hasn't already scooped up this 5-bedroom 3-bathroom complex, found just 2.5 miles west of UM, in South Miami. The house is situated on an entire acre, ensuring minimal noise complaints for those all-night ragers. The pool, hot tub, and enormous backyard also make it ideal for entertaining. Living large will set you back a mere $900 per person, or $4500/month total, but don't be surprised if a reluctant owner asks for an additional security deposit.

↑This 4-bedroom 2-bathroom home is semi-walking distance (1.5 miles) from the U and a little pricier at $960 per person, or $3850/month total. The recently remodeled kitchen and sprawling backyard are nice touches, as long as you can tolerate living in a world of beige. Also, extra lawn maintenance will run you $100/month, so you may want to invest in a mower.

↑If you're looking for great value, it doesn't get any better than this 3-bedroom 2-bathroom duplex in Coral Gables. The high vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and expansive yards make the place feel extra spacious. It also doesn't hurt that you're only 0.2 miles from the university—a steal at $865 per person, or $2600/month total.

↑For those looking to keep it simple, check out this 2-bedroom 2-bathroom condo. The property was recently renovated and the kitchen has brand new appliances but if you crave natural light, look elsewhere. Rent is $900 per person, or $1800/month total.

↑For the college recluse, consider this 1-bedroom 1-bathroom, located a safe 3 miles from campus, although it does list the address as 'undisclosed.' The mismatched bathroom gives the colorblind something to be thankful for, and the "easy access" (read: no door) fridge promises to keep your food at room temperature, but hey, exclusivity comes at a price—$950/month.

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—Andreas King-Geovanis · Curbed Comparisons [Curbed Miami]

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