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$2.8M Gets You Prohibition-Era Wine Cellar in Coconut Grove

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Built in 1920 in Coconut Grove's historic 'Ye Little Woods', which is an actual place, this $2.8 million Med Revival includes a few surprises. First, even though it looks like a quaint little cottage from the outside, the house is a generous 5,000-ish square feet, and second, it's hiding an underground, vaulted, fully loaded wine cellar complete with gorgeous stonework, a narrow staircase, a fish tank, and what looks like a second room (with a painting!).

The Grove is on a natural stone ridge, making it one of the few places in Dade County high enough above the water table that something like this was possible. But still, considering how rare basements are in South Florida and how elaborate this one is, the date of construction, and hell, its location in free-wheeling Coconut Grove... it practically screams speakeasy. The house also comes with original Dade County Pine floors, and an "amazing indoor and outdoor bath" in the master suite (not pictured, sadly).

· 3948 Little Ave [Zillow]