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Midrise Apartment Block SoMa at Brickell Already Halfway Up

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A half-block west of the Brickell Metrorail station, a mid-rise block of 418 apartments called SoMa at Brickell is rising, and already appears to be about half of its full height of nine-ish stories. As exMiami points out, the plain-jane but otherwise rather cute project broke ground earlier this year and, not being particularly obtrusive or headline grabbing, or architecturally bold, well, nobody really noticed. The most interesting part of this project, apart from the fact that it's mid-rise, and practically nothing is mid-rise in skyscraper-obsessed Miami these days, is its name situation. The project was apparently at one point called The Edge at Brickell but, well, the much flashier The Edge on Brickell was announced nearby, SoMa became SoMa and that was that.

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