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Look Who's Coming to Miami; Louie Bossi's on Las Olas

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1) Las Olas Boulevard: Chef Louie Bossi aka "The Hogfather" and Big Time Restaurant Group (also behind Big City Tavern, where Bossi is currently executive chef) are opening up a new restaurant dubbed Louie Bossi's Ristorante, Bar & Pizzeria. The names pretty descriptive, but here are a few more details.

2) Multiple Locations: Summer is OVER! Almost. And we couldn't be happier because 1) the heat will subside just a tiny bit and 2) these new restaurants are coming to Miami. They are 12 of Miami's most anticipated fall openings and they are awesome sounding.

3) Kendall: Meet, Sub Zero, Kendall's new instant-freeze ice cream shop. Here's how it works: choose from dozens of different flavors and mixins, and watch the Sub Zero dudes use nitrogen to freeze your customized ice cream on the spot. Sounds awesome right? Here's more on the whole shebang.
· Eater Miami [miami.eater]