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Lincoln Road is Getting a Starchitect-designed Master Plan

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Miami Beach officials are in talks with competing teams lead by starchitects Bjarke Ingels Group and James Corner Field Operations to create a Lincoln Road District Master Plan. The entire project is under a 'Cone of Silence'. This basically a law to prevent city employees from talking about the project and thus publicly manipulating the result before a winning bidder is announced... which is basically why you haven't heard anything about it. (a good description of what the statewide 'cone of silence' law is all about can be found here)

According to an announcement on Bjarke Ingels' website, "A jury of six local retailers, business owners and city officials narrowed the field of possible architects down to BIG and Field Operations. The next step is for Miami Beach's City Manager to engage with both and select one winning team." Shreds of information can also be found on the city's website, here. Although this general neighborhood has been through a couple starchitect-seeking competitions before that the current city administration ironically threw out, (see Miami Beach Convention Center & Lincoln Lane North Project) the big difference is those previous projects would have been public-private partnerships with big developers and this time, it seems, the city is probably just planning on paying for the whole thing itself. That's the new administration's style.
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