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Porsche Design Tower is Actually Now a Thing That Exists

Since foundation work, and ultimately vertical construction began on Porsche Design Tower, the once headline-happy condo tower hasn't been as conspicuously-all-over-the-place as it once was while it still had units to sell. The dark-cylindrical, dare we call it tailpipe shaped, super-luxury condo tower, with its great glass car elevators, balcony pools, sky garages, and in-house auto mechanic's shop is actually coming into existence. Its a twelve year old boy's speed-demon, high tech, super villain dream come true. The above shot is by aerial photog Michael Stephen McFarland, but for regular photo updates, do check out the Porsche DT's Facebook Page.
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[Photo courtesy Michael Stephen McFarland]

Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160