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Petit Pink Palm Beach Regency Palace Wants $3.485 Million

Built in 1938, this Marion Sims Wyeth-designed winter 'cottage' in full Palm Beach Regency pomp can be had for $3.485 million. Perhaps the date, late in the Great Depression, as the rumblings of World War II diverted the upper crust from the Frencgh and Italian Rivieras to the stateside version developing in Palm Beach, can explain the house. It's still luxurious, and designed for pleasure, but at 4,000-something square feet, modest and, dare we say, economical... a far cry from the Mediterranean Revival palazzi everyone wanted on the island just ten years earlier. The 4 bedroom, 4 bath villa's most extravagant indulgence is, can you believe it, a swimming pool.

· 150 Algoma Road, Palm Beach [Zillow]