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Pristine PoMo (by Richard Meier?) Listed in Pinecrest for $5.5M

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The clean, geometric forms, the open spaces, the plate glass windows, the freestanding fireplace, the sculptural staircase, the unique front door, the Corian countertops in the undoubtedly original kitchen, the grey tiles, the white everything, even the perfectly coordinated furniture, all come together to create a beautiful composition in this Pinecrest house that from the looks if is likely designed by Richard Meier. On the market for $5.5 million, the house looks just like it must have looked when it was built in 1982, when it would have been the absolute height of sophistication. The roomy 5,800 square foot stunner also comes with an extremely lush 2.7 acres of land, with fruit trees, and possibly even old growth Florida hammock. · 6600 SW 98th Street, Pinecrest [Redfin]