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West Palm Beach Condo Drops 'ISIS' Name Due to, You Know

The planned West Palm Beach condo project called ISIS Downtown, a name that until recently would have conjured up images of nothing more disturbing than the Egyptian goddess of fertility and motherhood, Isis, has renamed itself 3 Thirty Three Downtown. The developers haven't commented on the change, but as everyone knows you don't have a news report unless you get a pointless quote from somebody, so some realtor told WPTV and/or the Palm Beach Post that the ISIS name is "scarily negative" due to the horrible situation in Iraq. Okay, he kind of has a point, but apparently changing the capitalization and maybe throwing in a pyramid or two weren't considered enough of a fix. Meanwhile, the new name is basically a math equation, which is equally scary to the kinds of people not educated enough to know who Isis was.
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