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The Only House for Sale in Spring Garden is $699,000

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At the juncture of the Miami River and the Seybold Canal, the small hamlet of Spring Garden is one of Miami's oldest residential neighborhoods, replete with bungalows of Dade County Pine and stucco Mediterranean Revivals. The only house currently on the market in the historic hameau is this bright blue Med Revival built in 1926 which has been restored, but this $699,000 house honestly looks like it could use a tad more restoration work. Only 1.5 bathrooms split among three bedrooms, what are they joking? It has lots of historic charm, but is that just bad photography or do we see some purple walls there? And they could do way better than those white awnings. On the plus side, it has a mango tree, which will instantly make you about twice as popular during mango season as you are the rest of the year, and it's on a large leafy lot with a pool.

· 956 NW 10th Avenue [Redfin]