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Proposal to Put I-395 Underground is Back From The Dead

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Holy shit, the massive infrastructural proposal to put I-395 underground, with a big park and new developments on top is back from the dead, and this time they want to throw Biscayne Boulevard down there too. The idea has been championed by urbanists and some city planners for years as a way to erase the blight created by a highway that currently rips a giant gash through the city. Apparently, although the Florida Department of Transportation 86ed the idea in favor of their monumental arched version of I-395 (which they then tried to 86 as well, only to get sued by Miami politicos) because the engineering required was "unfeasible" at the time, technological advances have made the plan a real possibility.

The advantages of new park land, new developable land, a more pedestrian friendly city, a wound in the city fabric finally healing, and probably a grand new public plaza, would of course be huge. Doing the same thing with Biscayne Boulevard (oy vey) probably requires a lot more study. Now, according to the DBR, the concept is being endorsed by county bigwigs and business titans, including Commissioner Xavier Suarez. Naturally the trolls at FDOT who still prescribe to the Robert Moses school of city design (more highways!) are unflinching, but if we can build a tunnel 100 feet under Government Cut, we can build one 20 feet under the street for fuck's sake.
· I-395 Going Underground? Miami Park Plan Would do Just That [DBR]

Museum Park

1075 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida