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Where to Drink Coffee; Chef Herb Wilson in The House

All the food talk from Eater Miami...

1) South Beach: You heard it here first! Former Top Chef Masters contestant Herb Wilson is in at Red Ginger, one of Menin Hospitality's three new upcoming restaurants. Following stints at the three-star Michelin rated kitchens of Gerard Pangaud and Le Freres Troisgros and most recently Sushi Samba in Vegas, the chef will soon call Miami home. More info here.

2) Multiple Locations: The bean scene... it's more than Starbucks and it's pretty fantastic, and if you're into it, then you'll surely appreciate this map of the city's most awesome places to drink coffee. On there is, of course, Panther Coffee, but also other less cult-y (and lesser known) spots like Cafe Curuba and Juan Valdez Cafe.

3) South Beach: Some may say that all Lincoln Road doesn't need is another ice cream shop, but we say bring it. Argentina's popular Freddo will be opening the doors to its "helado" serving shop sometime in September or October.
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