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We've Found Miami's Hottest Trainer; Where To Get Organized

Because hotness is godliness, Racked Miami...

1) Everywhere: The people have chosen— please give a warm round of applause to Janet Jones, winner of Miami's Hottest TrainerCompetition! Jones, who founded the Vixen Workout, won fair and square over seven other male and female trainers, which rounds up our steamy contest until next year, folks!

2) Everywhere: Still looking for a few accents, throws and caddies for your college dorm rooms? Fear no more, Panthers and Canes. We've mapped out nine obvious but essential spots to shop for your tiny abodes this year.

3) Everywhere: Ok, scratch the dorms. Maybe you just want to get your grown-up home in order. In that case, here are nine stores for getting organized in the good old MIA.

4) South Miami/Coral Gables: Two more sartorial gems have popped up in the South Miami/Coral Gables area. Ladies, meet Market, a store filled with essentials and basics that was started by the team behind Blush Boutique and Studio LX, and Cavalier, a Ponce De Leon shop carrying only the best in stellar contemporary brands.