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Is Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Building this Massive, Venetian Islands Confection of Frosted White Cubes?

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and the company's current Executive Chairman, and the 138th richest person in the world, might be building himself a dream home on the Venetian Islands' San Marino Island, but then again he might not. An application for a giant new house in that contemporary white box style so favored by the builders of giant new houses in Miami Beach, for an end lot on San Marino currently occupied by a significantly smaller house built in 1938, has been submitted to the City of Miami Beach, and is up for approval by the Design Review Board, tomorrow. The 12,696 square foot, five bedroom palazzo is being designed by Leroy Street Studio, and Raymond Jungles is doing the landscaping.

The house has some very svelte features, like a network of fountains and pools that creates a moat around the house, a four car garage, a courtyard surrounded by another moat, a roof deck, a "pocket beach" (whatever that is), an office encased in glass which can be accessed directly from the master bedroom by a back stairway, and lots of floating platforms at various connected levels.

The owner, hidden behind an LLC naturally, is unknown but appears to have significant ties to (and could be) Eric Schmidt, according to a source. Connections to Schmidt include multiple shared addresses with the Schmidt Family Foundation, the Schmidt family office, and Blue City Holdings, a company Schmidt created with Google's other top brass Sergey Brin and Larry Page to manage their private planes and private airport. Yes, they have a private airport.