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Downtown Parking Lots Close to Make Way for Train Terminal

Rail, the transportation of the future, has asserted its rightful power over the automobile. The Florida East Coast Railway has closed the four surface parking lots in the middle of Downtown Miami on which it is building its grand train terminal and heaven, reports exMiami. Prep work "is expected to begin immediately" for the All Aboard Florida station, they say, with a groundbreaking "in September". The car has been slain, and the empty lots await the arrival of trains to glide over on a sparkling new viaduct, winged victories over whimpering pathetic little tin cans called automobiles that now must find alternative (Although still plentiful. Downtown has excessive parking) parking arrangements until the terminal, nay the temple to trains, is complete. Then, yes, even it will have plentiful parking below its railroad heaven too.
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Future Fec Downtown Miami Station

200 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida