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DecoBike's Miami Debut Now Scheduled in Late October

Sure, it's been rescheduled seemingly multiple times due to ever-expanding plans since DecoBike's expansion to mainland Miami became official, but DecoBike says they are now aiming for an official launch in late October. The 75 bike-share kiosks are now in permitting, and it's the middle of September, which means they have a month to get permits all wrapped up and all 75 of them installed across Miami. To the casual journalist, the schedule may seem, yet again, a bit tight, but let's throw out some guestimates and do the math.

Assuming permits take the rest of September, then you've got the entire month of October to install the damn things. That's 3-4 kiosks a day, just counting weekdays, plus whatever electrical and foundation work those contraptions require. Yeah, ok they're prefab. So, assuming they're basically all finished already and stuck in a warehouse somewhere, maybe it would take one electrical crew, and three installation crews of, who the heck knows, four people to install these things? Ok, that's not so crazy.
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