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Miami Worldcenter Plans a Nightlife Mecca, Streetcar Screw

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OMG Zaha will just die when she finds out about this. One Thousand Museum, her architectural pantheon of a condo tower, will have a panoramic view of Miami Worldcenter, which according to Al Crespo is likely to be a real party city. Not exactly a rarified flower of luxury real estate, Miami Worldcenter is sounding like a bona-fide urban entertainment district in the heart of Downtown Miami. Crespo, must less impressed however, compares it to clubland just to the north. He points out that that Nitin Motwani, the general partner Worldcenter, is trying to get 25 liquor licenses from the City of Miami for the project, not including the many liquor licenses that will also go to restaurants, and that these 25 will have very little governmental insight.

The whole shebang will be legally classified a "nightclub specialty district" in the zoning books. The documents between Miami Worldcenter and the city, which aren't official yet, would hand significant powers over to Worldcenter, including seemingly complete rule over signage. And yes that includes those dreaded giant billboards (not all of which are ugly, to fair) and even, the piece de resistance is a potential media tower. That's basically a huge skyscraper covered in billboards. Hello Times Square! But here's the kicker, and we quote: "The Developer is not required to dedicate additional land from within the MWC District to the city for the construction of the streetcar route." Yep, they'll cooperate to make sure it's on public right-of-way, but god forbid the planned Miami Streetcar even touch one of their recently privatized pedestrian streets.
· Bend over Miami and don't expect a kiss on the ass as they screw you [The Crespogram]