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David Beckham Irreverently Lets Go of Dream Stadium Site

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After giving it a good go, David Beckham is finally branching out from his minefield-ladden dream of building Miami's glamorous new, TV-ready Major League soccer stadium on a waterfront Downtown site, which is fabulous because if he kept announcing sites just to have them get beaten up on by just about everybody the whole stadium idea might have sunk fast.

Beckham's love for Miami still endures, and he's willing to build an inland stadium to make it happen! And Miami is not about to lose what will be a fantastic new sports franchise for the city because of a couple pimply proposals. And he's got a few more options up his tailored sleeves, but he's not revealing them yet. "My dream was to have our stadium on a waterfront. It's not worked out like that and we have alternative sites. It will happen." he said, along with saying he'd been "cheeky" about the earlier plans. So, Huzzah! And God Save the Queen... a seat for the first match.
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