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Aloft South Beach Tops Off, Has Attentive P.R. People

The Aloft South Beach must have attentive public relations people who send out easily bloggable newsbites, because Curbed Miami has reported on the commencement of construction, renderings of the completed building, construction reaching the third floor, and now the hotel's topping off. Okay, that's not actually an excessive amount of coverage by Curbed standards, but it would be a fantasy to deny that good public relations doesn't have anything to do with it, and it is an interesting project. Just look at that site! Just for the record though, it is not the most interesting project or best design to have been proposed for the former Ankara Motel. This was. And, oh man, talk about burying the lead: Construction at the Aloft South Beach Hotel has topped off.
· Aloft South Beach coverage [Curbed Miami]

Ankara Motel

2350 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida