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Is Tadd Schwartz the Mystery Man Behind exMiami?

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The question of the identity of exMiami, that mysterious, anonymous source for Miami real estate news and gossip, is generating some heat, as the Crespogram dives in to the issue. Some people have thought it might be Sean McCaughan of Curbed Miami (which makes, like, no sense. It's not me, haha), but the latest theory is that it's Tadd Schwartz of Schwartz Media Strategies. Yes, as of now that's just speculation, but it's a very interesting theory, and one that seems like it has a reasonable possibility of being true.

As Al Crespo says:

Schwartz and his company certainly have the right combination of clients, staff, political and business connections to create and maintain a website like exMiami, and it's actually a pretty interesting strategy for a company like Schwartz's if they were to be operating a parallel website like this, to promote the interests of their clients without their fingerprints being visible. It is an interesting strategy, and yes, exMiami does seem to have a certain amount of bias. Then again so does Curbed Miami, although we try to be as fair to everyone as possible. And exMiami publishes some news items that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day. But it's the secretiveness and anonymity* that really bugs people about exMiami. Curbed Miami, we will admit, probably has some element of responsibility in this whole imbroglio. That's because we were the first real news outlet to use exMiami extensively (or really at all) as a source, back in the day when they were still a forum, and we've used them frequently since. But in the end, we're as in the dark as everyone else. So, who is exMiami?
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UPDATE: Instead of "secrecy and anonymity", an earlier version of this story used the phrase "dishonesty and secrecy." Even though one might argue that intentionally omitting or hiding information like one's identity is dishonest, exMiami as far as we know has not actually been dishonest. They have always been honest about not wanting anyone to have any idea who they are. We regret the error.