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Comment of the day

"Well, not so much. In NYC for example, the MLS seems to be backpeddling on all fronts. First, it was adamant that a soccer-only stadium be built in Flushing Meadow Park (near Mets field). Then, when the public shot that down (the park already has 2 major sports complex, and won't give up more acreage), MLS said "OK, let's build a soccer-only stadium, holding 20-25K in the Bronx, right near Yankee Stadium". (This was a scheme to get NYC out from bonds issued to build more-than-needed parking at new Yankee Stadium)."

"Then, once Bloomberg left office and the new admin said to NY team owners (co-owned by Yankees and Abu Dhabi oil Sheik) "Sorry, no give away tax breaks or Muni bonds to finance your stadium (even though Yankees and Mets both got them)", MLS is now saying... "OK, Yankee Stadium is home for the next few years. Hopefully, we can build a soccer-only stadium, at some time". So really, the MLS isn't holding the cards. They are trying to ride a wave, but in fact, have little in the way of real leverage -- as Beckham and the MLS are finding out in Miami. Other cities are sure to follow NYC and Miami's lead, re negotiating w/ MLS and team owners -- esp when it comes to demands for prime, downtown locations."—OneNYersOpinion [David Beckham Irreverently Lets Go of Dream Stadium Site]