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ME by Melia Hotel Coming to Marquis Residences Next Year

The totally underused 'front yard' at Marquis Residences will finally be getting some action according a rendering in a press release about the new ME by Melia Hotel coming to the tower. It's replacing the Casa Moderna Hotel. Designed by Mario Suarez of Zyscovich Architects, the hotel will open in "the spring of 2015" and will have 129 rooms, two rooftop pools (presumably shared with the residents of the building, because that place only has two pools, period), a restaurant called STK Rebel (why does every overly trendy steak house have 'STK' in the name these days?), event spaces, and a "lavish" spa. We've asked for more renderings, so look out for those.
UPDATE: They've sent over some new renderings. Well, just two new renderings, but still. One is an update to the first render, above, which shows that the front yard is being turned into a wide driveway (ignore the scalies walking around it like it's a patio). Behind will be an outdoor dining area and the hotel entrance, and closer to the road it looks like they're putting in some landscaping and a wide sidewalk. The pool looks similar to what exists now, but with more walkways and awnings.

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Marquis Residences

1100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33132