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Film Explores That Bygone 'White Elephant', The Miami Stadium

The Miami Stadium, also known as the Bobby Maduro Miami Stadium, a minor league baseball stadium that was also the longtime spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles, was demolished thirteen years ago to make way for an apartment complex called 'The Miami Stadium Apartments.' By then it had grown a reputation of being a White Elephant, a huge, expensive money pit.

Of course, White Elephants come sometimes prove their worth if given long enough (just look at the Metromover, which is now killing it). The documentary White Elephant: What is There to Save? by Rolando Llanes seeks to show that the Miami Stadium wasn't given that chance: "The loss of Miami Stadium and the ongoing efforts to preserve Miami Marine Stadium and other noteworthy South Florida landmarks should remind us all of the importance of the decisions we make on behalf of our past, present and future."

And bonus material!

There's a book you can download too.

· White Elephant: What is There to Save? [Vimeo]
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