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Krystal Tower is Komin' to Downtown/Overtown

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Oh boy, a Brazilian developer named Rodolfo Ishak has announced his first Miami development, a condo tower on the border between Downtown and Overtown with the rather unfortunate name of Krystal Tower. It is in no way affiliated with a certain, very Southern, fast food burger chain, as far as we know, but that 'accidental' association (now would be a good time to change that K back to a C Rodolfo. Not sure who you're marketing this place to, but just sayin') may actually be the least interesting thing about this place.
First, at 530 NW 1st Court, it's new development in an area with super close proximity to Downtown and fabulous access to transit that could use all the development it can get. Second, now we're not 100% sure about this, but there's already a shell of a tower, halted during construction at the end of the last boom already on that site. This is probably a revival of that, under new ownership.