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Russell Galbut Proposes Big Boxy Building at Lincoln & Alton

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Sure, anything Russell Galbut plans for 500/600 Alton Road seems to get shredded apart by the haters, whether they be architects wanting something a little more interesting, NIMBYs wanting something a little less view-threatening, or the Mayor not wanting a giant inland lake, but he's had a bit more success at his other property at 700 Alton Road, where he's planning a less radical, boxier building designed by Perkins+Will. And now, like book ends to Alton Road, he's got another similar looking Perkins+Will-designed shinny box up his sleeve just up the road at 1212 Lincoln Road.

The two buildings will be stylistically similar, and seem to coordinate with each other, as well as with a third, residential, building being planned for the opposite side of the street (not by Galbut). It's almost like 1111 Lincoln Road has spawned a legion of boxy siblings without its architectural je ne sais quoi. From the designs, it looks like the new building will have, the horror, plenty of parking (which actually is kind of horrific considering how we have got to get on top of this mass transit thing Miami Beach) and will replace a series of storefronts where there are a number of small businesses. So, yes, Taco Rico is under threat.

On the other hand, finally Alton Road will stop being such a hot, disorganized mess when these buildings are completed, giving the street a cohesive "look". On the other hand, the boxes could be a little more architecturally exciting. On the other hand (because apparently there are four hands), they're not that bad looking, particularly the residential building. Either way, you better get over to Taco Rico before Uncle Russell brings in the backhoes.
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