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Design District Garage Will Have Five Wildly Different Facades

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Dacra is proposing a parking garage with ground floor retail on NE 1st Avenue in the Design District with five different architects each working on a wildly different section of the garage, the end result being a crazy assemblage of outlandish facades. Dacra President Craig Robins has confirmed the plans with Curbed, which exMiami leaked yesterday. Architects Keenan/Riley, Work Architecture Company, Clavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe, and Jürgen Mayer-Hermann are being supervised by lead by Terry Riley of Keenan/Riley. And apparently there are proposals for the interiors too, which have not been confirmed, but hey, they're just proposals. Says exMiami: "Proposed within the garage: A tube slide, contemplation garden, graffiti wall, pillow tank, water reservoir, car wash, climbing net, DJ space, auditorium, and temporal inflatable beach."

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