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Miami Heat New Guy Luol Deng Buys $4 .6M Historic House

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Luol Deng, "one of the incoming Miami Heat players meant to make us forget about Lebron James" according GossipExtra, may not have the power to erase memories, but he sure has better taste in houses than King James. Deng has plunked down $4.6 million for an historic Mediterranean Revival house in Morningside (just below its $4.85 ask). As we previously reported, the waterfront house at 5925 N. Bayshore Drive was owned by one of Miami's big old school restaurateurs, Maria and Werner Staub, the proprietors of La Paloma, with its Swiss Continental fare and excessive use of velvet and lace. Luckily the very tasteful five bedroom, four bath house isn't nearly as overstuffed as the restaurant was, or nearly as bland as Lebron's was.
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