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"This dream isn't just about "building a park." It's about reconnecting areas of the urban core that have become detached and separated due to automobile inspired policies in the mid-20th century. The Big Dig in Boston, while yes it did add a park, reattached the north end of the city back to the Financial District. Walkability increased, land values soared and a more livable city emerged around the wasteland that was the elevated highway."

"In my opinion, I think this project is more necessary than many think. The whole south side of I-395 remains an urban wasteland. Sure, Miami-Dade attempted to reactivate the north side of it with the Arsht Center, but it still remains detached physically from the urban core.
On another note, the ramps and onramps around Exit 2 on I-95 that feed into the CBD have the same effect. That massive area that could be populated by apartments, office buildings, restaurants and others is currently occupied by only one thing: cars.
A livable and exciting urban core has less cars and more people. Removing the elevated highway that is I-395 from I-95 to Biscayne would help create a better playing field for better development to occur."—Seth [Proposal to Put I-395 Underground is Back From The Dead]