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You Could Do So Much With This $1.7M Deco in The Gables

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This charming art deco house on Coral Gables' picturesque De Soto Boulevard was built around 1938 and retains loads of original details on the exterior, including glass block, decorative pilasters framing the front door, and that cool, collected air of knowing you've got style. The interiors of the $1.7 million dollar house, meanwhile, are pretty literally a blank slate, although it has been updated with new appliances and impact-resistant glass windows. Wooden beams on one of the ceilings (Dade County Pine perhaps?) as well as original-looking floors throughout, and the gorgeous original staircase, are swaddled in a sea of white. The possibilities are endless.

· 2601 De Soto Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL [Redfin]